Applications should reach the Secretary by one of the following dates for consideration at the quarterly Trustees’ meetings:
31 March, 30 June, 30 September or 31 December

Trustees’ meetings are held, usually during the last week, in January, April, July and October. Applicants should receive notification of the decision about their application within four weeks of the relevant Trustees’ meeting.

The outcome of an application might be:

  • An immediate grant.
  • A conditional grant, for example subject to raising the remaining funds required.
  • A commitment to a recurring grant for a number of years. (These are only made infrequently).
  • A request for further information, possibly including a Trustee visit.
  • A decline.

Each application is carefully considered on its own merit.

In making a decision on an application, the Trustees place importance on benefiting as wide a range and as large a number of people as possible from a single grant. They also endeavour, as far as possible, to make grants where the funding will “really make a difference” rather than being lost in a larger pool of resources.

Grants vary in size but a typical grant is in the range £500 to £3,000. It is unlikely the Trust will cover the entire cost of a project or item unless it is modest in amount.

Trustees do not usually consider applications from charities that have requested a grant within the last 12 months. The Trust is unable to provide feedback about the outcome of the decision-making process.

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