What we fund

This is just a selection of the organisations we have supported.

Photograph of St Mary’s Church & Community Centre

St Mary’s Church & Community Centre

When the Pandemic first hit, St. Mary's activities, as they had known them, stopped and they had to think both how to respond and how to keep their doors open. Their experience of catering and commercial kitchens became a hub for emergency food provision. The operation adapted to focus on the impact of food poverty and getting food to people in direct need, who without their provision would have been without food.

At the peak of the Pandemic, a team of volunteers helped to deliver over 1000 food parcels a week. Making use of a substantial amount of free food - which would otherwise have gone to land fill - and with the skill of their community chef 300 ready meals per week were produced.

Activities have changed from an emergency response to a more measured response to food poverty. A Social Supermarket aids and assists people to help make changes to deal with the underlying causes of food poverty: through offering coaching, debt advice and a range of social activities.

Photograph of Pitsmoor Adventure Playground

Pitsmoor Adventure Playground

The Trust gave the charity a capital grant in 2017 to support the installation of a new climbing boulder and also contributes to ongoing running costs. The playground is located on the corner of Melrose Road and Burngreave Street, Pitsmoor, Sheffield and is open after school, on Saturdays and during school holidays.

Photograph of FareShare Yorkshire

FareShare Yorkshire

The JG Graves Trust has regularly made grants to Fare Share (South Yorkshire) to enable them to give food to charities and community projects in Sheffield which in turn provide meals for people who would otherwise go hungry.

We are a charity who intercepts surplus food to prevent it becoming waste, by working in partnership with the UK food industry. This helps us tackle issues around food poverty in the community.

With a team of dedicated volunteers this food is then sorted and redistributed to over 323 community groups, charities and schools across Yorkshire who turn it into fantastic healthy meals.

We also provide accredited training including to help individuals on a path to employment or further training and education.

Photograph of Ethel Trust

Ethel Trust

We have been regular supporters of the Ethel Trust for many years. Ethel is a barge, based in The Sheffield Canal Basin which offers educational and leisure trips to disadvantaged and marginalised groups.

Ethel offers a unique, fully inclusive, waterborne experience, to individuals and groups, from all sections of the community, and across all age ranges and abilities, throughout the Yorkshire region and beyond.

Photograph of Portland Works

Portland Works

Portland Works in an historic industrial building in the centre of Sheffield; the trustees have made grants to enable work to be undertaken to ensure that the building is kept safe and watertight as part of a major renovation project.

Operating a collection of workspaces for traditional and modern craftspeople within one of the UK’s most important historical industrial buildings.

Photograph of JG Graves Woodland Discovery Centre

JG Graves Woodland Discovery Centre

Set within 142 hectares of ancient woodland and surrounded by a friendly community of craftspeople, rangers and volunteers, the JG Graves Woodland Discovery Centre runs a wide range of craft courses, events and activities and offers a warm welcome to people of all ages.

Ecclesall Woods became public property in 1927, thanks to a major donation from JG Graves. In 2007, the Trust gave a capital grant towards the construction of the Centre in recognition of JG Graves’ legacy and his vision that local people would enjoy Sheffield’s beautiful countryside for generations to come.