The Trust Deed for the charity, in summary, permits grants to be made for any of the following purposes at the Trustees’ discretion:

  • Parks, open spaces and recreation grounds for public use
  • Art galleries and libraries for public use
  • The promotion of education and community projects
  • Supporting sick poor or infirm persons
  • Medical, recreational and sporting facilities
  • Such other charitable purposes as the Trustees think fit


The following principles are applied by the Trustees in considering applications for grants:

  • Grant making will be restricted to activities in the City of Sheffield as the area of which the Trustees have adequate knowledge.
  • The majority of funds will be donated to local charities and Community Interest Companies (CICs).
  • Grants will not generally be made for the benefit of individuals.
  • There is a preference for supporting capital projects, although “seed corn” funding and running costs will also be supported.
  • There is a preference for special projects as opposed to supplementing normal income.

What we don’t fund:

  • Trustees will not support applications that do not benefit the citizens of Sheffield
  • Applications from national organisations are only considered when they are submitted by a local representative and the application relates specifically to Sheffield
  • Applications by, or on behalf of, individuals are unlikely to be successful
  • Applications for projects which do not have a charitable or community based focus are unlikely to be successful


In relation to applications from specific sectors, the following guidelines indicate types of applications which will be considered:

  • Disadvantaged groups, community based projects and facilities, activities to improve the quality of life and the heritage of Sheffield (with particular emphasis on that related to the “Graves Inheritance”).
  • The promotion of sport and health outside statutory provision.
  • Community projects connected to churches but not church fabric or activities themselves.
  • Hospital or medical facilities benefiting the community in terms of earlier availability. (Items which are regarded as the responsibility of the NHS will not be supported).
  • Special needs schools for non-mainstream educational expenditure and community based projects but not schools' activities which are a statutory responsiblity.
  • Local and community amenities, particularly recreational and sporting facilities, affected by restrictions on Local Authority funding.

The Trust currently makes approximately 50 grants each year.

How do I make an application?